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Entry for 15 June 2008

Uit die “argiewe” iewers halfpad deur 2006 …

Dis interessant hoe die rigting van retoriek sy insig vind in die mate van ons verwagting. Sou ons die ‘onbeantwoorde’ kon vra as daar nie iewers ‘n struweling in ons huidige bepaling was nie?
Vind twyfel sy oorsprong in die halwe wete?


My lewe is ‘n ander plek,
omdat ek jou geken het …



soos ‘n ou storie speel dit af,
of is dit meer soos tuiskoms na ‘n
lang reis?
elke plek het sy reuk, sy kombuis
sy unieke warmte …

snaaks hoe mens soms sal loop
liggeraak onverpoos en dan meteens
is jy daar – jy ruik dit, voel dit
en selfs amper, net amper proe jy dit.

dan is alles reg … vir ‘n oomblik …


Life Became Surreal, a jittering image
of a binary reality: “on” vs “off”
awake or not, yet without rest
and without flavour.

daynightmorning all blend into
a question: state of awareness?

Does life only exist in some equation,
some removed existence where
interaction is as clinical as the
screen i stare at … through

Does the highest level of my experience
only calculate down to mere impulses and
cervical messages interpreted by my
sensorial gateways? Will my being only compound
to a fleeting memory removed from
time and space? Does life produce more than a
mere circulation of air and matter …

does it matter?

Am i afraid of my Own questions?
or do they merely challenge my own reality?
Will the answer satisfy me as much as
the question?

… in laaie, onder boeke maar tussen blaaie ook, hier agter ‘n kas en daar tussen ander papiere val hulle soms uit. Stukkies skribbel. Hierdie is so een.

2006-11-23 A Thought

I’ve been hard pressed to share this thought for quite a while, I believe that it’s time has come. It comes out of ‘the archives’ but it is applicable and relevant none the less. I do trust that this week’s thought will provoke more than just your thinking…


do we dare to brim the border of this glass we see through,
and yet imagine the awesome wonder of what lies behind?
does our reflection spare us the reality,
or do we turn from the veil in fear for what we may find,
yet never finding what we need.

my glass, an ever illusive frailty, that hid in clearness its greatest chest,
yet in a normal day of venture i found a crack in sudden sky. a moment where no line was drawn, yet out of place this crooked winding edge showed face. spurned in a prise twined in wonder and thought, the glimmer in mid air posed an imposing question: turning to another wind i may follow myself away, only in some time, to come to just the same on another day; yet if in sudden exploration the crack dies into multiple thoughts, no gathering shall ever find it piece again.

the question

who is asking

Author’s Comments

***** Spoiler WARNING!!! *****
When I started to write the description I didn’t want to interpret the piece -I think sometimes we should leave the reader to experience that by themselves…

But by the end of the description, it looked as if to some extent I did tag an explanation to it…
So read it on its own, and if the picture draws itself don’t bother the tag I wrote…

The Description

I’ve found that if we do nothing about our lives we actually end up choosing a life drained of variety. Things just be, until we reach a point where we are challenged by something that may shatter our world, yet by the time this happens we love our little world. We love every part of this matrix … Yet we will always come to some point where we reach the end of our limited understanding and existence, and we are challenged by a crack …

When that question comes …

Who is asking …?

What will we answer …?

Will we dare to live beyond ourselves …?

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